Their World, with the novelist and screenwriter Asim Altokhais

Having the curiosity to learn about the world of the writer and novelist Asim Altokhais, Their World Show team with Abdul Rahman Al-Saad visited Asim’s library and interviewed him on Tuesday 14 Ramadan on Althaqafiya TV Channel. Asim declared that his relationship with the books, primarily with the comics started at a young age (13 years old). He also began to develop his own library over the years since the book is his friend wherever he goes.

Asim divided his library into sections based on what he reads. There are various types of books, including psychology, criminology, science, and literature. Then, he wrote his first book in English entitled “My Life in Saudi Arabia & America.” After that, he wrote his first Arabic novel “Dark Master”, and finally “Alienation.” Asim, nowadays, is working on three projects, including comics writing and anime creation. Asim also mentioned that English children’s books contain many pictures with fewer writing, whereas Arabic children’s books lack this feature.

While jumping from one shelf to another, Abdul Rahman Al-Saad took the opportunity to ask Asim about different books in his library. Asim talked about the books that mostly impacted him, such as The Arabic Sands, Prophets Stories, and his father’s book (about management).

Finally, the writer Asim mentioned that he has other hobbies rather than only reading and writing. He likes to learn about cars and motorcycles, especially their structure, so he plans to build one by himself. Additionally, the novelist Asim is grateful for having the knowledge of both English and Arabic languages besides the different cultures as it broadens his way of thinking.