Master of Darkness (Trilogy):
(Earthbound – Vonalis Planet – Mouth of Hell) ( 2016)


Category: Novel
Genre: Fantasy, action, adventure, drama
Age: 15 and above
Written by: Asim Altokhais

“Salis” is a demon who’s been sent to earth in a human form to study humans in order to destroy them but after a decade of living among them and not fulfilling the task that was given to him and falling in love with a human girl “Serena” that when the leader of the demon army “Erebos” comes to earth to take “Salis” back for treason. After “Salis” or as they all knew him as “Master of Darkness” to the mouth of hell, he fights again with his new friends from elves, monsters, and giant animals to free Mouth of hell from the deadly and unjust King “Jaio” and his comrades, after “Salis” completes his mission in Mouth of Hell he returns to earth to free her as well from an upcoming danger from one of the deadliest demons in Mouth of Hell who escaped from the war there at the time. “Salis” fights this demon, but his war comes with consequences such as loosing “Serena” and here “Master of Darkness,” thinks about continuing his journey to bring justice and equity where he goes by fighting evil everywhere in the galaxy.

Vonalis planet is known for its close approximation to the moon, so it’s dark most of the time and incredibly freezing, but “Salis” takes an oath on himself to settle justice and equity everywhere and on any planet. Here “Salis” meets strange creatures from vampires and gets to know their unfortunate fate by getting genocide by their enemies from monsters, humans, and half-breeds. To save the village and its vampire residence, “Salis” takes on the mission to go into the dark tunnel which hasn’t been discovered for centuries with lots of legends talking about it. “Salis” enters the dark tunnel with a girl from the vampire clan, “Hitara,” in the hope to find “Aurelius” who’s “Hitara’s father” who’s lost for that last two decades. A rollercoaster of complicated events till they’re forced to fight the half-breeds who are living in Teravas clan. In his battle “Salis” loses control on himself and changes into a full-fledged demon but comes out victories in the end. Now after “Salis” has changed into a full-fledged demon without the ability to turn back to his human form, he must return to Mouth of Hell again to alter his shape as he did in the past.

“Salis” returns to a different time where Mouth of Hell is nothing like the way he remembers it, it’s now much worse, poverty and death. “Salis” finds some of his old friends, but they’re not in any condition to fight with him like in the past, some of them had passed away. After he knew about the death of his loyal friend “Peries Oranos”, “Master of Darkness” decides on the spot to fight again but this time it’s for vengeance to whom killed his friend and his family and not like what he set himself to do for justice and equity, so the fate and life of “Salis” is to get into war after another, but in order to fight again he must find the best warriors and the rebels against to the unjust kind “Shirshl” to end the situation in Mouth of Hell, but would “Master of Darkness” succeed in doing so after he lost his old comrades and the fear of everyone in Mouth of Hell from the unjust king and his entourage, we leave it for you to know the exciting ending…