Story Of A Writer, And A Fighter! : Asim Altokhais at TEDxRiyadh

“TEDxRiyadh presents “Achievement & Positive Disruption”, a full-day event where great people with great ideas come together to share big ideas that benefit the local society. More than 22 speakers from different disciplines and different backgrounds will speak in TEDxRiyadh Read more

Their World, with the novelist and screenwriter Asim Altokhais

Having the curiosity to learn about the world of the writer and novelist Asim Altokhais, Their World Show team with Abdul Rahman Al-Saad visited Asim’s library and interviewed him on Tuesday 14 Ramadan on Althaqafiya TV Channel. Asim declared  …read more

Almuntada Show on AlEkhbariah TV Channel with Fahad Alhaqbani (LIVE)

Almuntada is a live show on AlEkhbariah TV Channel presented by Fahad Alhaqbani that talks about society news regarding art, culture, and literature. The novelist Asim Altokhais was the guest of the show on March 24th. The discussion of the episode was about …read more

Asim Altokhais Interview on Al-Thaqafia Saudi Channel at Riyadh International Book Fair 2013

Riyadh International Book Fair is one of the most featured events that take place in Saudi Arabia as many outstanding writers and publishing houses participate to showcase their publications. Asim Altokhais is one of the authors who had the opportunity …read more

Screenwriting talk on Al-Montasaf Show with Asim Altokhais

On 2 August 2013

Al-Montasaf Show on Althaqafiya TV channel hosted the scenarist Asim Abraham to talk about scenario writing and screenwriting. First, he explained the three stages that every scenarist has to go through in order to have a comprehensive scenario…read more

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Films that predicted the future of technology, disasters and epidemics

In this interview, screenwriter and script consultant, Asim Altokhais, talks about how movies and TV series had played a major role in giving some hints and messages and sometimes warnings to the audience on what’s going to come in the near and far future. Movies and TV series had demonstrated a large number of predictions such as for future technology like the (Cable Guy), (Truman Show) or disasters as for 9/11 in (The Simpsons), (Terminator 2), (The Siege), and epidemics such as (Contagion), (Outbreak) and (28 days later).

A view on the Oscar Awards 2020

In this interview, screenwriter and script consultant, Asim Altokhais, gives his opinion on who won the Oscars and why while he disagrees with the Oscar committee on giving Brad Pitt the prize for best supporting actor rather than Christian Bale for his role in (Ford Vs Ferrari) alongside his view on the entire awards in general.

After breaking the box office, does the Joker movies deserves all that hype?

In this interview, screenwriter and script consultant, Asim Altokhais, explains why the Joker movie is the biggest box office till this day with more than $1 billion dollar in return from a mere $50 million as a budget for a movie. He goes on to say that movie is not your typical superhero/supervillain movie, but it’s more about the character development and what led him to become what he is known today as the Joker. It’s a dark journey into the mind of mental illness, poverty and society rejects.