47 RONIN (2013)

Only God Forgives (2013)

This is a movie that’s beyond your stereotype Hollywood movies that you’ve seen about drug trafficking or any activities going in the underworld of any city, but it’s more as an art movie than a popcorn movie Read more


47 RONIN (2013)

47 RONIN (2013)

It’s a movie where it mixes supernatural, fantasy, history, and a code of honor in one perfect mix. 47 Ronan starring Keanu Reeves as (Kai), the one, a half-breed, part human and part demon, raised by demons Read more


47 RONIN (2013)

Grace of Monaco (2014)

The Grace of Monaco was posted for some time at the Reel Cinema theaters, but for me, I’m acutely not that type of guy who would watch some biographical movie which is based on a famous person or  Read more




Meeting with the devil (2018)

The devil meets a human in a café shop to recruit him as his right man in his army, but the human answer to the devil’s proposal never crossed the devil’s mind.

Movie Details
Screenwriter/Producer: Asim Altokhais
Director: Theo Kim
Co-producer: Andy Hodgson
Genre: Action, supernatural, thriller, drama, horror.
Year: 2018
Produced by 3rd action films

Behind the Bentley’s glass (2017)

One man is trying to solve the world’s problem while sitting with his friends in a café, but he realizes that all men are created equal. His emotions and imaginations take him to think out of the box on how to solve these problems if there’s any real solution to do.

Movie Details
Screenwriter/Producer: Asim Altokhais
Director: Oubada Merchali
Genre: Psychological, drama.
Year: 2017 (Coming Soon)
Produced by 3rd action films


X-13™ (Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller)

X-13™ is an award-winning unproduced-screenplay written by Asim Altokhais, that won the BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY AWARD in the Canadian FEEDBACK Festival and has been officially awarded for Semi-Finalist at the European Cinematography Awards, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Also, X-13 has been officially selected in the Horror Underground Film & Screenplay Festival and the European FEEDBACK Festival.

Meeting With The Devil™ (Oct 2018) (Action, Fantasy)

Meeting With The Devil™ is an award-winning produced-screenplay written by Asim Altokhais, that won the several international awards and has been officially selected to compete in numerous international film festivals:

GOLD AWARD: Meeting With The Devil™ (Best Supporting Actor), Independent Shorts Awards, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.
SILVER AWARD: Meeting With The Devil™ (Best Action Short), Independent Shorts Awards, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.
Honorable Mentions: Meeting With The Devil™ (Best Visual FX), Independent Shorts Awards, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.
AWARD WINNER, Canada Shorts Film Festival, Canada.

Official Selection
The European Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
London City Film Awards, London, United Kingdom.
London International Motion Picture Awards (L.I.M.P.A.), London, United Kingdom.
Dumbo Film Festival, New York، the United States.
Rome Independent Prisma Awards, Rome, Italy.
Prague International Monthly Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic.
Andromeda Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey.
Kosice International Monthly Film Festival, Košice, Slovakia
Golden Wheat Awards, Istanbul, Turkey.


Story Of A Writer, And A Fighter! : Asim Altokhais at TEDxRiyadh

“TEDxRiyadh presents “Achievement & Positive Disruption”, a full-day event where great people with great ideas come together to share big ideas that benefit the local society. More than 22 speakers from different disciplines and different backgrounds will speak in TEDxRiyadh Read more

Their World, with the novelist and screenwriter Asim Altokhais

Having the curiosity to learn about the world of the writer and novelist Asim Altokhais, Their World Show team with Abdul Rahman Al-Saad visited Asim’s library and interviewed him on Tuesday 14 Ramadan on Althaqafiya TV Channel. Asim declared  …read more