Grace of Monaco (2014)

The Grace of Monaco was posted for some time at the Reel Cinema theaters, but for me, I’m acutely not that type of guy who would watch some biographical movie which is based on a famous person or someone from the Monarchy if I may be precise. One day, I took my wife with me, and as usual, I checked on what’s new at the Cinema, and that’s when my wife grabbed my hand firmly and said: “I want to watch this movie”, so I looked at the poster, and there it was, Nicole Kidman playing the role of “Grace of Monaco”, to be honest with you, I hesitated at first, but I wanted to see how they wrote the script and how the character developed through the storylines.

Once we’re in, and the movie started, and after five minutes, I remembered the old-style movies that I used to see when I was a little kid, I mean, the movies that all the family can see and relate to. The picture was great in its colors, where they depended most of the time on natural light. But what caught my attention, is the way the character of Grace Kelly developed through the movie, and how she faced her crisis in adapting to a new lifestyle, less freedom, and being under the spotlight more than before.

I can say that the movie was moving in most of it, and the small suspense hidden theme, also brought it to some point while watching disbelievable monarch family. The thing is about the movie and the character, and also the real Grace Kelly, is that she set an example for all princess in Europe on how to talk and act like one, and to remind you of that, you can see how Princess Diana became the queen of hearts by her acts following the steps of Grace Kelly.

The character development from being a naive, American girl, spoiled by Hollywood, and adapting the American way in her life, all of that changed once she got married from the prince of Monaco, Rainier III, who was unable to speak his thoughts out and make a major decision for his country against France invasion. However, the storyline is good in many parts of the movie; there are some ups and downs which won’t let you fall asleep in the middle of watching the movie.

Director: Olivier Dahan
Writer: Arash Amel (screenplay)
Stars: Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, André Penvern
Release Date: 14 May 2014 (France)
Budget: $30,000,000 (estimated) Grace of Monaco.

I rate 6/10. Three reasons why I like this movie:
1- Love, courage and truth are the three main things in the movie theme.
2- Nice acting from Nicole Kidman, although she can work more on her American accent.
3- A princess doesn’t have to be from monarchy blue blood line.