Category: Graphic novel
Genre: Fantasy
Age: 9-12 years old
Awards: Winning the Kitabi 21 competition for children books in 2015 by the Arab Thought Foundation
Written by: Asim Altokhais
Concept and illustration: Shihab Aldeen Almusharaf

The mission to find the 1000 wish book started when the magic lamp Mared disappeared, it’s been said that the book contains all the knowledge and witchcraft that the lamp Mared knew, and who gets the book all his wishes will come alive. “Alaa” is a professional bounty hunter, accompanied with his Genie friend “Mazar,” they’re in a search journey for the lost book, that’s when they met “Jasmin” a girl with a disturbing past. “Jasmin” joins the two in their journey, heading toward to a clue that “Alaa” discovered along the way that might get them closer to the book.