Desert Wolf receives a message from an old friend who lives in a distant village asking his help to cure his little girl. Desert Wolf accepts the call and arrives at the scene and can see that an evil demon possesses the little girl. The problem is, the consequences could be deadly.

Created and written by Asim Altokhais
Publisher: 3rd action comics, 3rd action, Inc.
ISBN 978-1-5136-2049-7
First Edition: March 2017
Printed in the United Arab Emirates



Master of Darkness (Trilogy):
(Earthbound – Vonalis Planet – Mouth of Hell) ( 2016)


Category: Novel
Genre: Fantasy, action, adventure, drama
Age: 15 and above
Written by: Asim Altokhais

“Salis” is a demon who’s been sent to earth in a human form to study humans in order to destroy them but after a decade of living among them and not fulfilling the task that was given to him and falling in love with a human girl “Serena” that when the leader of the demon army “Erebos” comes to earth to take “Salis” back for treason. After “Salis” or as they all knew him as “Master of Darkness” to the mouth of hell, he fights again with his new friends from elves, monsters, and giant animals to free Mouth of hell from the deadly and unjust King “Jaio” and his comrades, after “Salis” completes his mission in Mouth of Hell he returns to earth to free her as well from an upcoming danger from one of the deadliest demons in Mouth of Hell who escaped from the war there at the time. “Salis” fights this demon, but his war comes with consequences such as loosing “Serena” and here “Master of Darkness,” thinks about continuing his journey to bring justice and equity where he goes by fighting evil everywhere in the galaxy.

Vonalis planet is known for its close approximation to the moon, so it’s dark most of the time and incredibly freezing, but “Salis” takes an oath on himself to settle justice and equity everywhere and on any planet. Here “Salis” meets strange creatures from vampires and gets to know their unfortunate fate by getting genocide by their enemies from monsters, humans, and half-breeds. To save the village and its vampire residence, “Salis” takes on the mission to go into the dark tunnel which hasn’t been discovered for centuries with lots of legends talking about it. “Salis” enters the dark tunnel with a girl from the vampire clan, “Hitara,” in the hope to find “Aurelius” who’s “Hitara’s father” who’s lost for that last two decades. A rollercoaster of complicated events till they’re forced to fight the half-breeds who are living in Teravas clan. In his battle “Salis” loses control on himself and changes into a full-fledged demon but comes out victories in the end. Now after “Salis” has changed into a full-fledged demon without the ability to turn back to his human form, he must return to Mouth of Hell again to alter his shape as he did in the past.

“Salis” returns to a different time where Mouth of Hell is nothing like the way he remembers it, it’s now much worse, poverty and death. “Salis” finds some of his old friends, but they’re not in any condition to fight with him like in the past, some of them had passed away. After he knew about the death of his loyal friend “Peries Oranos”, “Master of Darkness” decides on the spot to fight again but this time it’s for vengeance to whom killed his friend and his family and not like what he set himself to do for justice and equity, so the fate and life of “Salis” is to get into war after another, but in order to fight again he must find the best warriors and the rebels against to the unjust kind “Shirshl” to end the situation in Mouth of Hell, but would “Master of Darkness” succeed in doing so after he lost his old comrades and the fear of everyone in Mouth of Hell from the unjust king and his entourage, we leave it for you to know the exciting ending…


Category: Graphic novel
Genre: Fantasy
Age: 9-12 years old
Awards: Winning the Kitabi 21 competition for children books in 2015 by the Arab Thought Foundation
Written by: Asim Altokhais
Concept and illustration: Shihab Aldeen Almusharaf

The mission to find the 1000 wish book started when the magic lamp Mared disappeared, it’s been said that the book contains all the knowledge and witchcraft that the lamp Mared knew, and who gets the book all his wishes will come alive. “Alaa” is a professional bounty hunter, accompanied with his Genie friend “Mazar,” they’re in a search journey for the lost book, that’s when they met “Jasmin” a girl with a disturbing past. “Jasmin” joins the two in their journey, heading toward to a clue that “Alaa” discovered along the way that might get them closer to the book.

Alienation: My Life in Saudi Arabia and America | 2012

by Asim Altokhais

Alienation is the story of an Arabian-American boy who dared to find his place in the world.

Asim Altokhais was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 1981 but he grew up in the United States. In 1988, Asim returned to Arabia where very soon—at just fourteen years old— he found himself fighting for freedom and his rights as a human being and a citizen. In this poignant memoir, he shares his experiences, observations, struggles and triumphs while providing a rare and intimate glimpse into what it is like to live in Saudi Arabia. Follow his odyssey and discover, as he did, the quintessence of identity, faith, family and patriotism.


  • Publisher: iUniverse (August 24, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1475942591
  • ISBN-13: 978-1475942590


iUniverse Overview:

For as long as he can remember, Arabian American Asim Altokhais has been instructed to never express his feelings or ideas to anyone—ever. Raised as an American until age eight, when he relocated with his parents to his home country of Arabia, Asim struggled to learn about a new culture where regulations robbed him of everything, including the ability to speak his mind. For the first time in his life, Asim felt alienated from everything, everyone, and even himself.

With the intent of teaching others about the vast differences between America and the Middle East, Abraham shares the poignant story of his life as he travels between the free United States and Saudi Arabia, where life seemed to become more complicated and darker with each passing year. As he embarked on a coming-of-age journey between the two countries, Abraham details how he witnesses the impact of the Gulf War, views the thin line between dreams and reality, and manages to find his path in life despite enduring years of suffering, low self esteem, and imprisonment of his ideas.

Alienation not only offers one man’s compelling glimpse into life in the Middle East, but also shares his important message for both worlds about acceptance, love, and peace.


Master of Darkness | 2008

by Asim Altokhais 


SALIES is a demon, who’s been sent to earth in a human form to study humanity and know how to manipulate them on the long run, but once he arrives to earth, an incident happen and he lost his memory. Salies wakes up and finds out that he’s in a green field full of trees, where he meets his first love, SERENA, and making a bond for not leaving each other.

That’s when a black portal of hell opens in the sky, and comes from it EROBAS, a scary demon who’s been sent on a precise mission which to bring Salies to be executed for his disobedience. Salies defeated, goes with Erobas where they enter the black portal and land into their world “Mouth of Hell”, but the opponent army attacks Erobas with his 200 demon army at night and defeat them and rescue Salies. That’s when GAZA comes in and tells Salies his real purpose of returning back, which to save the “Mouth of Hell” from its disaster and poverty.

Salies refuses to accept his mission and looking only to return back to earth to be with Serena, but he falls into the BALCK WITCH cave, where he meets her and she shows him what’s going to happen on earth if he didn’t finish his mission here. Salies returns back to Gaza and accepts his mission to fight KING JAIO and his army, that’s when the elves leader clan PERIES ORANOS accompanied with his sister LUCIA, riding their large scary birds.

After seven days of preparing and training their army, they march to “Hell City” where it all started, they fight King Jaio and his army and defeat them, but Salies has another mission to accomplish before it’s too late. Salies returns back to earth, but he finds out that he’s too late, and chaos had already happened, he search for days to get some answers, finally he finds the place. Salies meets Erobas and they fight, but now, Salies is much more stronger than the first time they met, Erobas escapes, but not before leaving many obstacles for Salies to surpass them.

Gaza and KAINUU come to earth to support Salies in his mission to eliminate Erobas, they search the village where Salies met Serena, where they find a clue about where they’ve been taken to. They go there and find Erobas torcher them, Salies runs after him where they ended up near a swamp, Erobas brings Serena as a hostage, demanding Salies to surrender or he’ll kill Serena.

Salies surrenders, but Erobas kills Serena and ties Salies with his electronic whip, but Salies turns into his real form as a demon and kills Erobas into pieces. Unfortunately; Serenas’ death had left an unhealed wound into Salies heart, but he never stopped fighting for justice and equity, that’s where he head to another planet as his next journey.

Publisher:  Cultural Trends
Language: Arabic